Waianae Summit Trail Attempt, Day 2, Mount Ka’ala to Kolekole Pass

Morning meal prep, Kenji with his pho, and me with biscuits and gravy mountain house.

Consulting GPS way points to set us off into the bog, very rugged, muggy, overgrown and a challenge to navigate. I for the first time ever, actually had to pull out my compass and make sure we were heading towards the correct ridge.

Kenji up to his calf in a mud patch. We finally found the ridge an hour later and started descending the steep traverse leading away from Mount Ka’ala.

Thanks to Kenji for holding up the rock so I could pass.

Took every natural snack opportunity I could find.

Kenji leading through some of the more technical sections.

I thought it was an urn, Kenji said it was left by surveyors.

A moment of relaxation before we ground on.

Shaka stride!

I grabbed onto a moving stick, ended up being a Jackson’s Chameleon. Invasive apparently, but I’m not going to off the cute lil gal.

First sighting of Kolekole pass, we ended up doing a bit of bushwhacking through the jungle to get to the road. We passed a bunch of signs telling us that we had just trampled through an active impact zone for mortars and could have potentially stepped on unexploded ordnance. Great…

Kenji and I scoping out old bunkers on Kolekole road while we wait for my girlfriend to pick us up.